3 Promising Lead Sources

Are you looking for new ways to generate buyer and seller leads? Do you want to differentiate yourself from your competition?

Top agents across the country are quietly using three promising lead generation strategies to do more transactions and separate themselves from their competitors.

Here are those strategies.


Did you know you can reach thousands of people on Facebook for just a few dollars a day?  If you have a business Facebook page and basic technology skills, you can run ads designed to generate seller and buyer leads.

To attract sellers, offer a free CMA. For buyers, offer the opportunity to get notified of listings as soon as they hit the market. Or, if your website is set up for lead generation, you can also run ads to promote it.

Facebook has excellent articles and guides that will walk you through the process of creating an ad campaign. You can also search Google and find plenty of free information on running successful ads.


Podcasts are audio recordings people can download and listen to on their phones, tablets, or computers.  Creating them doesn’t require fancy equipment or even an existing audience.

Agents who have success with podcasts typically use an interview format. They invite local business leaders and celebrities to be on the podcast to discuss current events, hot topics, and anything else of interest.

The best part about recording interviews is the guests will promote the podcast to their contacts. That's why you don’t need an audience to start.  You can “borrow” the audiences of the guests to reach people you don’t normally reach.


Agents have been blogging to generate business for years.  It’s only recently, however, that video blogging has become mainstream.
The primary advantage of using video is search engines and social media platforms prioritize posts with video.  That means vlogs can reach more people than text-only blogs.

All you need to start blogging with video is your smartphone and a topic.  While many agents choose to stick to real estate, others will cover local happenings and current events.
If you want to add Facebook Ads, podcasts, or vlogs to your lead generation efforts, start by going online and doing research.  There are tons of free resources available to help you set up and launch any of the strategies.
P.S. – If you’re not sure which of the strategies to try first, do video blogging.  It’s the easiest of the three to launch.

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